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The Financial Permission that simply delivers more


Expand your business - not with many expensive licenses, but with a smart business entry in the Commercial Register permits you almost all financial activities except for pension funds and insurance activities. Consequently that covers trading in forex and CFDs, payment processing and merchant services, electronic wallets and even crypto activities since no licensing frameworks for these types of businesses are currently in place. Save costly, lengthy applications in different countries if you can combine everything together on a single company with a single approval. Incl. included full bank accounts in Kazakhstan for operating businesses + introduction to European Payment Institutions to gain easier and cheaper SEPA and SWIFT access for you and your customers.


Permitted Activities.

Get to the pole position and start offering financial services to your clientele. The following activities can be conducted based on the selected code of business activities in the Commercial Register:

  • Forex and Securities Dealing / CFDs & Futures Trading

  • Operate trading platforms online

  • Payment Prozessing and electronic payment accounts.

  • Electronic e-wallets

  • Crypto Exchange

  • Crypto / FIAT Trading Platforms online

Regulator's Regime and Corporate Setup Facts.

Corporate Setup.

Of course, the beginning of each setup process is the incorporation of the company in Kazakhstan.


When the company is founded, PAMEROY applies for your BIN number (Business Identification Number), which is indispensable in Kazakhstan for tax and register purposes.


At the same time you or a local director (nominee) will be appointed. You may select if you want to run the business in your name or let a nominee represent your company. You are welcome to inquire about the terms of the nominee director's positions or active supporting directors to support you.


For your company you will receive the electronic commercial register extract as well as the deed of incorporation, statute, tax number certificate in the original as well as professional translations into English  (we always recommend in English drafted documents to simplify the dealings with future international partners).


The company formation takes about 2-3 weeks. You will be appointed as shareholder and sole beneficiary. The required local director will be appointed as passive director.


Previously, without exception, the National Bank was responsible, which often involved lengthy processings.

Nowadays the local regulators only issue licenses and accreditations for companies that are subject to licensing. Meaning, since FX, Crypto and most payment services are unregulated, you will receive now a valid comprehensive legal opinion.

Once the status of being a Financial Services Provider has been granted in the Commercial register you may start your business operations.


This legal opinion document, issued by the respective local law firm and legalized by a local Notary, will state, that your entity is permitted perform Payment Processing (PSP) activities, Forex Trading as well Crypto based activities. 


Serve worldwide customers with a simplified turn-key-solution.

Banking & Accounts

In Kazakhstan, excellent international banks are available to you as future payment partners. PAMEROY operates for his customers mainly with VTB and Alfa Bank.


Thus, you always have a back-up bank account. The accounts are managed multi currency. The accounts are designed to operate and manage your everyday business expenses. 

You can have subaccounts in different currencies. In addition to the ruble and the local tenge, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY as well as exotics such as the Turkish Lira and even the Chinese Yuan (CNY) will be added.


You will also receive secure online KEYS, DigiPass and online banking access. Kazakhstan is an IBAN country.


If you wish to onboard European customers and need a SEPA and SWIFT payment account in Europe for third party funds, reach out to us; Pameroy will introduce you to one regulated European Payment Institution.


Details and Facts about your new KZ company.


Estimated total setup time

Company formation, bank account setup and legal opinion process take about 6-8 weeks.

Required Documents

  • Notarized and apostille attorney's power of attorney (please contact us)

  • notarized and apostilled passport copy



Corporate tax is 20% on the pure company profit. PAMEROY offers you legal opportunities to reduce the tax liability to almost 0% , eg through outsourcing and process relocation to low-tax countries.


You also get a clever and experienced accountant in Kazakhstan.


Start and Setup Services (excerpt)

  1. Preliminary examination of all documents

  2. Name reservations

  3. Due Diligence / WorldCheck

  4. Company Formation

  5. Legal advice

  6. 2 x account openings

  7. legal opinion preparation and issuance

  8. Liason with ministries and the respective regulatory government authority

  9. Mediation StB / Accountant

  10. Registered Agent Service

  11. Registered address

  12. Mail forwarding or immediate processing by local director

  13. and much more - all other services and these are listed in detail in our invoice to you.


Compliance Info

Like any other financial services provider, you must identify each customer (ID document + address verification). A Compliance Officer is not required. Apart from the local director, there is no need to employ any additional mandatory staff in Kazakhstan .

Costs up from 2nd year

  • about 5500 EUR per year for Registered Office and Agent as well as the local director 

  • including tax filing 

Interest? Order the full exposure now!

Telephone contact:

Mo-Fr  10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr MEZ
Bank holidays of Labuan and Kazakhstan apply.

European customer's service line:

+44 20 7193 7190

+46 21 490 49 88



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