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Financial Company and Add-Ons


Increase the good standing of your company. Add important add-ons that make your financial services company or fintech entity look even more attractive on the market. From non-connected SWIFT codes and LEI numbers to marketing and virtual office tools. Your financial accreditation in Kazakhstan will actually be a hit.

Add-ons for your financial service

Your financial universal company in Kazakhstan will receive a proper operating permission to offer financial products.


However, very often it is not enough for customers. They demand transparency and also need a lot of confidence in these days, before trading accounts can be opened, funds will be sent, or hard-earned EUR can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

PAMEROY's add-ons offer just that. They round up your company and all processes, create trust and, in addition, give your company a serious image and increase your international standing.




We register you with your new SWIFT Code and you receive a non-connected BIC (Bank Identifier Code).


This does not allow you to process SWIFT payments; but your company is globally identifiable through a SWIFT query.


An outstanding opportunity to distinguish yourself better. The complete application, the preparation of all documents and the correspondence with the SWIFT take about 3 month; after that, your financial company is listed with an own code via the SWIFT network. Price on request.

Check-out PAMEROY's SWIFT Code PAGGMH22XXX - Click here.



A legal entity identifier (acronym: LEI) is a globally unique identifier for legal entities in the financial market, which was introduced in 2012.


Not only financial firms, but any other company can apply for an LEI number, which will increase customer transparency and identify the company worldwide.


Especially for companies in countries with no public registers or hard-to-reach public websites, an international LEI number according to DIN Norm miracles to create trust with customers and stand out from the crowd!

PAMEROY's LEI Number is: 2549001ST8PTG2IRBN95. Check it here.


PAYMEROY's Certificate of Conformity is an outstanding solution for those who want to send their financial customers a confidence-building update every quarter.


The Certificate of Confirmity is issued by a partnering consulting and auditing firm.


It does not refer to your financial products offered (this is your own responsibility), but confirms that your finance company in Kazakhstan operates to the current standard, is in good standing, that all processes are properly performed under applicable Kazakh law and that your company (if applicable) free of charge and liability.

A tremendously trustworthy and factual document that financial investors, clients and speculators appreciate, because who likes to deal with a company that is not good in standing?


Working with other companies, brokers, liquidity providers, banks, fintech companies etc requires that your company be issued a Certificate of Good Standing / Incumbency at regular intervals. 

This ensures extra transparency and is also required to comply with compliance and due diligence guidelines in partnering companies. 

The following information are published: Tax number, current address, director and shareholder. In addition, it confirms that you have no tax and fee obligations with government agencies and ministries and that your Kazakh financial services company is clean, clean and clear.

We would be delighted to issue you the Certificate of Good Standing and Incumbency whenever needed.


Virtual Office Services can be booked exclusively for your Kazakh company. PAMEROY establishes the appropriate addresses with partnering leading providers for special conditions, generates an online account to manage everything, applies for a local telephone number and forwards calls to your desired telephone number. The ongoing charges will then be debited directly from your Kazakh company account using your debit card. Ask for our conditions. 


Become more international and give customers the opportunity to connect professionally to the nearest virtual office. We offer the following locations for "Representative Offices":

Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Saigon, Macau, Hong Kong, Taipei, Brisbane, Melbourne, Bangkok, Moscow, Dubai, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, New York, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg , Warsaw, Jakarta, Delhi, Istanbul, Toronto, Mexico City, Portland, Montreal, Tokyo, Lisbon, London, Dublin, Milan and about 25 other prestigious international locations. All with local number and mail forwarding (physical or mail to email).


As a further essential add-on, PAMEROY provides you with exclusive, legal and functional outsourcing options to safely and discreetly outsource commissions and profit-intensive businesses.


Shift core businesses and activities to low-tax countries and tax legally with 5, 3 or even 0 percent - guaranteed by the jurisdictions with smoothly functioning bank accounts.

We tell you how! Our local lawyers and our corporate team will help you.

Important Note: Relocating business activities to low-tax jurisdictions is not illegal but legal, common practice. However, undeclared, disguised or tax evasion is illegal. We make sure that you take the legal path. PAMEROY's expertise in this segment has been the seal of quality and competence of the Group for more than 20 years.

Telephone Contact

Mo-Fr  10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr MEZ
The bank holidays of Vanuatu and Kazakhstan apply.

European customers hotline:

+44 20 7193 7190

+46 21 490 49 88



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