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About PAMEROY Management

 Founded in 1997

PAMEROY MANAGEMENT LTD - Specialist in start-ups and the successful acquisition of financial licenses for the industry.


Specialist in license applications, licensing and on-going support for Forex, Securities Dealers, Payment Processors, e-wallet operators, Offshore Private Banks, Crypto Exchangers and ICO Launchers. The company has realized it hundredfold. You can benefit from this concentrated know-how & PAMEROY's expertise.

PAMEROY -  The Consultants.

Our Vision

Helping customers quickly and efficiently in the start-up and corporate services provider business; this has always been PAMEROY's motto. No matter whether complex financial license applications, sophisticated private banking setups or offshore start-ups for almost any purpose. The priciple to implement it easier, faster and, above all, in terms of price and regulation was and still is PAMEROY's effort.

At six sites today, the company provides outstanding consulting solutions on a daily basis and customers with exclusive access to niche products, as well as to the solution in Kazakhstan: a unique solution that perfectly covers multiple areas of client activity: Forex, Securities Dealing, Payment Processing, e- wallet solutions as well as crypto based services like Crypto Exchange or an own ICO launch.

Everything can be secured under one roof without having to apply for different, expensive licenses or to setup and maintain multiple companies in various jurisdictions.


Mr. Degenius Subald

General Partner of Pameroy Management Ltd,

Labuan, Malaysia

Degenius opened a new chapter for PAMEROY with his appointment as Managing Partner. The company's reorientation and expansion in certain core segments enabled growth, while standard start-up in low-tax domiciles gradually declined due to market oversupply of service providers and competitors.

The specialization on the financial services provider clientele and the facilitation of financial companies to setup faster, easier and much cheaper and to obtain the necessary permissions and operating licenses, heralded the success and the new era in the home PAMEROY.

Chairman & History

Work properly regulated; but always be a step ahead of regulators and financial watchdogs.

Value 01.


Like no other company on the market, PAMEROY understands itself as an expert who has proven hundreds of times that cleverness, innovation and future-oriented thinking have proven themselves.

Regulators and regulations are making it harder for financial services providers today more than ever before.

The jungle of restrictions, regulations, compliance matters etc makes it almost impossible for the typical start-up to keep up with the big names in the industry.

Financial reserves that are lacking to pay these days for security deposits and to achieve minimum capitalisations which are often utopian are suffering. PAMEROY believes that this should not be a reason not to get licensed.

PAMEROY has the solutions that make all these headaches disappear. Innovative spirit, cleverness and always one step ahead of the regulators, will make your life as a financial services provider easier. Guaranteed!

Links / Downloads

Further information you can obtain either in English or German on PAMEROY's other websites.

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