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Introducing our law firm


Since 2015 in Kazakhstan with estonishing corporate setup solutions for financial business to offer Forex / Securities Dealing, Crypto & Blockchain Services - and Payment Processing & e-Wallet Solutions in a single company.


Exclusive at PAMEROY.
The All-In-One-Permission:

Financial Services Provider demand more. They need sophisticated corporate setup and licensing solution in order to conduct their daily business: They need financial licenses and permissions to offer their products to the international clientele. Legal safety and working within a regulated framework is what clients and financial services provider need, regardless where they are based or what kind of products they are offering. For more than a decade PAMEROY is focused on Financial Services Providers, Payment Processors, Forex and Securities Dealers, Asset Managers and crypto providers. 

The unique accreditation permissions from Kazakhstan's government authority which is a branch of the Ministry of Economy make it possible. Operate worldwide with an exclusive registration as Financial Services Provider with the Ministry of Economy and receive a priceless accreditation letter from the Statistics Bureau / Ministry of Econonmy. Save your money - you won't need to setup for hundreds of thousands of Dollars or Euros similar companies in Europe or Asia or the US, especially when you intend to operate online and offer your products through your very own website.

Step by step to the goal.


Corporate Setup

Company founding in Kazakhstan with name check, professional preparation of lawyer's mandates, due diligence and World Check for all involved persons. Obtaining Business Identification Number, Tax Code, Rental of Registered Office.


Bank Account Opening

Well-known banks are at your disposal. Due to the Direct Introducer Agreement, PAMEROY offers the bank account opening without the usual, required bank's visits. Alfabank, Sberbank, VTB Bank and KCI Bank, among others, will be your new financial partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Registration as Financial Services Provider and Accreditation from the respective Government Authority.

PAMEROY registers your new international financial services company with the respective government authority and obtains an Accredition letter sating your eligibility to provide Forex, Crypto services and payment processing and e-wallet activities.


Add-On Services

In addition to the on-going support, we help you through our international network. This includes tax reductions through outsourcing, Fidicuary Services and more. In addition, our add-ons such as SWIFT BIC code registration or LEI number application and the Certificate of Incumbency, Good Standing or Conformity can be booked anytime through PAMEROY.


Simply be better - through competence.

Banking Easy

The Kazakhstan bank accounts will allow you to receive third party deposits, e.g. from your customers, business partners or affiliates. An attractive and relaxed compliance and AML regime of banks in Kazakhstan will enable more flexibility and far less headaches than dealing with credit institutions or banks elsewhere.


Simplified Licensing Like Procedure Without Headache

The issuance of the permission letter (accreditation) takes only a few weeks and not months or even years like in Europe, Asia or the USA. Simply reach the goal faster and affordable. No paid up capital, reporting or local staff requirements. Easy to maintain and highly efficient in your everyday operations.

There is currently no comparable financial license worldwide that provides such wide-ranging competencies & full regulatory coverage as the universal accreditation from Kazakhstan.

D. Subald, PAMEROY Manager since 2010.

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